Welcome to Hsiang-Chun Orchid Garden

Hsiang-Chun Orchid Garden was established in 1995 in South Africa.

The cultivation technology was innovated from seed
pollination to the meristem basic on the breeding of the
best hybrid in order to meet the market demand. Phalaenopsis was the
main massive production. Other varieties such as Cattleya, Oncidium, and
Bulbophyllum etc. have also been cultivated extensively.

The overall cultivation process starts from cross-pollination, seed-pod harvesting, and flask sowing until the blooming mature plant. Every single orchid has been domesticated to endure the heat and cold of Bloemfontein. Our orchids are the domestic variety that can adapt to the various environmental and weather conditions throughout the country.

We provide reasonable price and technical support in order to meet the demand of all our customers. We also appreciated our customer's support resulting in a yearly acceleration of sales. The most welcomed services we provide are cut flowers, wedding arrangement, wholesale, bulk order and white Phalaenopsis. Quality service stemming from our continued research and development through our professional techniques offer and maintain the highly specialised Phalaenopsis.

It is our sincere hope and wish that all our customers who support us will continue to bloom with us. We therefore welcome all advice and comments in order to improve our beautiful product.